Lisa Palkki

Lisa Palkki She’s an educator turned SAHM and blogger with more questions than answers. Her resume includes working on an oil rig, tying fishing lures, and tutoring a supermodel. Her sense of humor and reputation often precede her.

Teri @ Snarkfest

Teri is a 40-something mom of two, living and working in Shepherdstown, WV.  Her daughters are teens and they give her blogging ammo on a daily basis. She is way too busy to blog but that doesn’t stop her. She has always had a quick wit and a very dry sense of humor. She tries to see the funny side of things and isn’t afraid to point out the funny to anyone around her. She is a lover of red wine, Vince Vaughn and all things Duran Duran. She is really excited to be a part of the Epistolarians and looks forward to seeing where this new venture takes her.

Dani @ Suburbia Interrupted

Dani is a 30-something mom, living the dream in South Florida with The Big Guy and their five kids. In between baseball practices, basketball games and whatever else she finds herself involved in, Dani humorously (and sarcastically) blogs about life, love and sex at Suburbia Interrupted and The Indie Chicks. She can also be found contributing life changing information at Good Vibes, BloggyMoms and BlogHer.

 Ashley @Sorry Kid, Your Mom Doesn’t Play Well With Others

I’m Ashley; a filter-less mom with a bunch of crazyass kids. I enjoy catching people of guard and saying whatever random crazy thing that pops into my mind. I dislike blogholes and general dumbassery. I have been in culinary and X-ray school and held jobs at restaurants and offices also I sang at a theater and modeled. I managed to get fired in the first 5 minutes at a job, then realizing I don’t play well with others. I write about my thoughts with sarcasm about how my kids can make me want to drink in the closet.